Monday, September 10, 2007

Ovidiu's Ritza Gargarita ('69 Vw beetle)

Nick: Guvydu
City: Bacau
Country: Romania
Club: Vwforum

Today, on Tuning-Romania I am going to present something special. One of my old-time-favorites, the beetle, a car that lasted to a century of new cars that wanted to take its place is still holding its position in the classics corner.

The owner of this car is Ovidiu Boaru, a passionate man for Vw's and in love with his beetle. He wanted to bring the beetle back to its original condition and revive it. Although my blog is meant to present tuned cars in Romania, this is the first exception because I was really impressed by the looks, love and passion that went in this car.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Technical details:

-Vw 1300
-1285cc type F engine
-29Kw aka 34HP


-welded chassis to the frame (unfortunately)
-custom made floor
-all the interior remade as the original in red fabric
-interior door panels remade so he can fit the speakers
-Clarion Mp3 player mounted under the dashboard
-Panasonic 13" front speakers
-Mtx 17" rear speakers
-bigger tires mounted to the original rims



Djorkaeff said...

foarte foarte haioasa masina si arata f bine, felicitari :)

Djorkaeff said...

P.S. ai votu meu :)

Doctor Beetle said...

Multumesc frumos.
Nu e cea mai frumoasa din tara. Este o masina decenta zic eu intretinuta cu multa grija si dragoste si cu putini bani.